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VALU3S V&V Methods
Use case ID Domain Evaluation Scenarios Used Methods Provider
UC7 - Human-Robot Collaboration in a Disassembly Process with Workers with Disabilities Industrial Robotics VALU3S_WP1_Industrial_15, VALU3S_WP1_Industrial_17, VALU3S_WP1_Industrial_18 Simulation-Based Testing for Human-Robot Collaboration employing Constraint-Based Oracles, Test Optimization for Simulation-based Human Robot Collaboration Aldakin SL
UC8 - Neuromuscular Transmission measurements Healthcare Safety analysis and certification, Certification needs of the NMT device, HiL and SIL benchmark platform, Patient modelling with NMT drugs, Assurance needs of the NMT device, Verification and Validation for the NMT controller Model-Based Safety Analysis, Knowledge-Centric System Artefact Quality Analysis, Knowledge-Centric Traceability Management, Model-Based Assurance and Certification, Extended Knowledge-Centric Traceability Management, Tailored Model-Based Assurance and Certification, Compliance-Aware Extended Knowledge-Centric System Artefact Quality Analysis RGB Medical Devices S.A.
UC4 - Human-Robot-Interaction in Semi-Automatic Assembly Processes Industrial Robotics Localization of Human, Handling and gripping of product/parts, Knocking off product/part from robot gripper by human worker, Corruption of input/output signal at robot gripper, Data manipulation in human-robot-interaction Failure Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) in Robotic Systems, Model-based fault injection for safety analysis, Simulation-Based Testing for Human-Robot Collaboration, Virtual Architecture Development and Simulated Evaluation of Software Concepts, Model-based testing, Model-Based Safety Analysis, Model-based threat analysis PUMACY TECHNOLOGIES AG
UC13 - Industrial Drives for Motion Control Industrial Robotics Safety Behavior for missing motor position sensor data, Fault tolerance for motor position sensor data, Motor Speed Control, Safety Behavior for corrupted data from Remote Control Terminal, Safety Behavior for Remote Control Terminal connection failure Model-based robustness testing, CPU Verification at Module Level, Model-based testing, Model-based mutation testing, Test oracle observation at runtime, Model-Based Testing from De-Factored Behaviour Models, Optimize Fault Injection Experiments Using Model-Based Mutation Testing, Processor Integration Verification within a System-Level Digital Twin of Legacy Systems Siemens AG Austria
UC10 - Safe function out of Context Railway Inject and detect, Normal operation, Systematic and random failures verification Model-based Mutation Testing, Model Checking Families of Real-Time Specifications, Model Checking Families of Real Time Specifications using Annotations and Configuration Tables ALSTOM
UC1 - Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Automotive Radar/camera advanced detection and tracking, Radar + camera cooperation, Node connection to cloud Scenario based V&V automation using simulator, Source Code Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis of Concurrent Programs, V&V of machine learning-based systems using simulators, Model-based threat analysis, Behaviour-driven model development and test-driven model review, Model-based mutation testing, Model-based robustness testing, Model-based testing, Risk-based testing, Model-Based Testing from De-Factored Behaviour Models CAMEA, spol. s r. o.
UC2 - Car Teleoperation Automotive Transmission line under different performance conditions, Transmission line switching, Transmission line cybersecurity Simulation-Based Fault Injection at System-level, Simulation-based Attack Injection at System-level, Assessment of cybersecurity-informed safety, Runtime Verification Based on Formal Specification, Source Code Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis of Concurrent Programs, Penetration Testing Roboauto s.r.o.