VALU3S Documents

Verification and Validation Modelling Language (VVML) Handbook

This document is a guide to VVML, a domain-specific language (DSL) for modelling verification and validation (V&V) workflows. VVML has been developed in the EU ECSEL project VALU3S, which aimed to design, implement, and evaluate state-of-the-art V&V methods and tools in order to reduce the time and cost needed to verify and validate automated systems with respect to safety, cybersecurity and privacy requirements. Within the project, the generic V&V workflow design approach and modelling language VVML has been developed to easily visualize V&V-oriented workflows in industrial use cases and concrete tool chains and to facilitate the understanding, analysis, and improvement of these workflows. The document introduces the VVML notation, its elements, and diagram types, and explains how V&V workflows can be modelled. It also presents, rules and guidelines for creating V&V workflows are introduced. VVML has been implemented as a plug-in to Enterprise Architect (EA), a UML modelling tool by Sparx Systems. It has been used to model all the V&V workflows of the 13 industrial use cases of the VALU3S project.