Procedural-task evaluation tool for testing simulation-based human robot collaboration.
Coordinate the execution of the generated tests with the evaluation of the oracle in simulation-based Human-robot collaboration environments. The method integrates the Test Optimization for Simulation-Based Human-Robot Collaboration(TOS-HCR)and Simulation-Based Testing for Human-Robot Collaboration employing Constraint-Based Oracles(SBT-CBO) improved methods in order to coordinatethe simulation-based testing activity in Human-Robot Collaboration environments. This tool provides with real-time and automated verdict of test execution of simulation environments through oracles.

The contribution made in VALU3S consists of the development of a system to coordinate test execution with real-time diagnosis generation. Additionaly, ULISES tool has been improved with a new diagnosis module to provide verdicts.

[SBT-CBO2] Aguirre, A., Lozano-Rodero, A., Matey, L. M., Villamañe, M., & Ferrero, B. (2014). A novel approach to diagnosing motor skills. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 7(4), 304-318. DOI: 10.1109/TLT.2014.2340878
[SBT-CBO3] Aguirre, A., Lozano-Rodero, A., Villamañe, M., Ferrero, B., & Matey, L. M. (2012). OLYMPUS:An Intelligent Interactive Learning Platform for Procedural Tasks. In GRAPP/IVAPP (pp. 543-550). ISBN: 978-989856502-0
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