CHESS plug-in that allows the automatic calculus of the failure behavior of a system, starting from the failure behavior of its individual component, automatically generating the FMEA table and FTs.
CHESS-FLA is a CHESS plugin that allows the automated calculus of the failure behaviour of a system from the failure behaviour of its individual components. It is a tool developed by the Intecs Solutions as a support for the Model-based Safety Analysis with Failure Logical Analysis improved method.
This tool supports the automatic generation of the FMEA tables and Fault Trees, that are relevant artefacts in the model-based safety analysis methods, and also the probability that the top-events can occur can be computed.
This automatic generation reduces the error proneness and the manual effort of the safety analysis processes.

During VALU3S, Intecs has developed this CHESS plug-in, focusing on the FMEA and Fault Trees automatic generation.This has been achieved through an improvement and enrichment of the CHESS metamodel.

Also the computation of the probability of the Top-Event occurence has been added to the tool.

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