CIROS Studio

CIROS Studio is a 3D factory simulation tool used to model & simulate multiple industrial application scenarios and visualize the simulation data flow. It is also used in conjunction with additional modules as virtual learning environment.
CIROS Studio is a product of FESTO Didactic

CIROS Studio is the software for 3D factory simulation. With CIROS Studio you can model layouts and processes, simulate robot cells and automated manufacturing plants and visualize processes. CIROS Studio spans the areas of plant design, construction, electrical planning, control programming, commissioning, operator training, sales and marketing. 

CIROS Studio is typically used for the following applications:

  • Realization of the digital twin for Industry 4.0
  • Layout planning for new and existing factories, plants and stations
  • Plant linking
  • Cycle time planning and optimization
  • Automated calculation of machining paths on workpiece surfaces and contours plus possible post-processing
  • Offline programming of robots in manufacturer language
  • Reachability and collision analysis for robots and other kinematics
  • Validation of control programs for PLCs
  • Virtual commissioning with real PLCs via real fieldbuses
  • Interactive virtual reality presentation of plants and processes in real time
  • Creation of videos for presentation and training purposes

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