Roboauto s.r.o.

Roboauto develops and integrates comprehensive remote control for a wide range of industrial vehicles. It provides teleoperation for any industry and any vehicle, be it a submarine or an excavator.
Beáta Davidová

Roboauto started its journey back in 2007 as a robotics project of a software house ARTIN. Later, the Roboauto project spun off and created a stand-alone company, which is a part of ARTIN Group, a strong Czech Republic based partnership of multiple companies. Since then, Roboauto has been continuously developing and integrating teleoperation.

The main focus area of Roboauto in VALU3S project is on safety and functional safety requirements of Car Teleoperation use case. During the project, a cybersecurity focus has emerged due to the need of transmission line encryption.


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